Kitchen Cabinetry Price Vs. Value

When it comes to your kitchen, where do you get the greatest value?

Many people today find it difficult to identify the difference between value and price. Often the budget dictates the parameters of the price one is willing to pay. So what can you do to get the greatest bang for your buck and best value for your kitchen?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Usable space – custom cabinets allow for the maximization of usable space in your kitchen.
  2. This is especially helpful in a small house where space is at a  premium.
  3. Durability – many manufacturers use the cheapest topcoats they can get away with.
  4. Poor quality topcoats lead to the finish fading, chipping, or gumming up much sooner than
  5. the better quality finishes.
  6. Color – when you shop the big box stores and cabinet dealers, you are limited to what they
  7. offer. A custom cabinet maker is often able to match any color and finish style you want and
  8. give you exactly what you are looking for.
  9. Value – depending on your tastes and style, custom cabinets can usually be built and installed
  10. in your home at about the same cost as a high end manufactured cabinet. Combining the most
  11. usable space with the durability and quality throw in a little personal customer service and you
  12. have a winning combination.