Dear Keith,

We wanted to thank you for taking our job.  We know it was not a large project but it was important to us.  You take pride in your workmanship and it was all handled in a timely manner.  We would highly recommend you and, should the opportunity arise, we would gladly call you again.


Becky and Steve


I had a second sink installed in the master bath, and a new vanity had to be created to match the existing vanity, which was seven years old. The first stain color did not match, but Keith did get the color match perfect on the second try. It turned out that the first color was off was because the sun had faded the seven year old vanity much more than we initially realized.We had given Keith a door to match from some cabinets we previously removed from another room that had not been so affected by the sun. Keith did an outstanding job perfectly matching the finish, design and overall look of the complete vanity. I am so pleased with the final product, and will hire him again to do the next project. I would recommend him without the slightest reservation. – Shauna


The original kitchen-dining area design of our 40-year-old ranch style house included a premium customer owned gas range, marginally efficient contractor constructed range hood, and economically constructed cabinets with nailed drawer boxes and half-depth bottom-cabinet shelves.

Over the 4 decades of use the kitchen has served us well but with age and usage the maintenance was becoming an issue. Spare parts were unavailable for the range, nailed drawer boxes could not be kept intact, and some of the drawer slides were becoming nonfunctional.  Even though we liked the kitchen design and style, something had to be done.

A replacement freestanding gas range and high-efficiency range hood was chosen and with the guidance, procurement, and installation efforts of “Procraft Woodworks” the aged kitchen and cabinetry have been transformed to an efficient, free flowing, and pleasingly functional work area. – Paul And Janet


We moved into a new home and needed some shelves and cabinets installed in an office area. Keith came to our house and was very professional and asked numerous questions to determine exactly what we wanted. When I wasn’t sure about a particular item, he would offer alternatives and suggestions. He built the furniture offsite and came and installed it in a few hours. It fit perfectly and was exactly what we wanted – a beautiful and functional addition to our new home. Keith is very knowledgeable and loves his profession. He was careful to clean up his work area. Keith was good to work around our busy schedule for all of his appointments and was very accommodating. I highly recommend his company. – Lynette 


Procraft Woodworks made a huge impact for our household.  By helping me work through my vision of built in bookcases and cabinets for our family room, Keith was able to design and build from scratch exactly what we needed in the most popular room of our home and at a fraction of the price it would have cost me had I gone with a custom cabinet retailer!  Keith was punctual, dependable, clean and courteous, and extremely talented and knowledgeable.  He made sure I was happy and from his initial consultation to the completion of the job, and clearly had the desire to do the job well and finish with happy clients.  I would highly recommend Keith Henschen and Procraft Woodworks for any of your woodworking and/or cabinetry needs. – Ashley


In May 2011, I began remodeling our home in Tellico Village. We were adding an outdoor kitchen on our lower porch and some accent cabinets in the indoor kitchen. I called the company that had made the cabinets originally for the house. That company came and out and basically said they no longer did custom jobs but recommended Keith Henschen of Procraft Woodworks for the project. I called Keith and he came out to look at the project.

I wanted painted and glazed cabinets to replace the oven cabinets and the cabinet over the microwave. I was also raising a breakfast bar from seat height to counter height. After explaining what we were looking for, Keith made several recommendations for the kitchen and our living room mantle area.

Next we took him downstairs to a back porch area which looked like a war zone. We explained what we wanted to do in that area with outdoor kitchen, bar height table and cabinetry. Keith again had some exciting ideas and went back to the shop to come up with an estimate. I have a difficult time visualizing how things will look in my mind and Keith suggested he make some drawings to show me what he envisioned.

I was working with an out of town builder who had a project manager overseeing our project. There were no drawings from which Keith could work…everything was a concept. He took our ideas, made the drawings for me to visualize what everything would like and brought to fruition a dream I had for six years.

Keith made the cabinets I needed for the upstairs kitchen and made a new panel to cover the cabinets where the breakfast bar was raised, plus added gorgeous new corbels. In our living room, our fireplace mantle shelf was not deep enough and too short compared to the ceiling height. He built an arch for the fireplace, added a wood panel and new mantle shelf that was deeper.

He designed and built all the cabinets and bar height eight foot long trestle table for the outdoor kitchen. There was a wooden ceiling and decorative brackets which he used as the foundation of his design in the outdoor kitchen. At the last minute, he added a counter-height frame that would hold a granite top.

Since this was a remodel, the cabinets were already stained and Keith had to match stains both on the kitchen cabinets and living room mantle woodwork.  On the panel for the breakfast bar, the first stain attempt was too dark and did not match. Keith was more than willing to work with us and stripped and re-stained the panel to perfection. Keith was right on with the rest of the stain matching.

He was amazing to work with and on many occasions had to make changes to already constructed cabinets because the project manager was not on the job and/or left out details. Keith was also timely with delivery and installation. On several occasions, the project manager was not available and Keith was able to go forward and make sure the project timeline was not delayed. Keith actually made this project more enjoyable for me because he was professional, personable and a great young man who takes great pride in his work. If I had not been working with Keith, I am certain my project would not have turned out so wonderful. – Pat