What Is A Light Rail?

I have been in several homes and spoken with several people who do not know what a “light rail” is. Some have asked “is that what you mount your lights on?” while others have it confused with a spindle rail attached to the top of their cabinets. While it is neither of those, it does however have something to do with the lighting in your kitchen.

Growing ever more popular is the concept of under-mounted cabinet lighting. This is where slim profiled lights are mounted under the upper cabinets to light up the countertops below. Oftentimes even though these lights have a slim profile, they are still visible below the cabinets. To some this is unsightly and they do not want to see anything but the cabinetry and the décor in their kitchen. So as a solution, cabinetmakers came up with a “light rail” which is nothing more than a piece of decorative trim mounted to the bottom of the upper cabinets which brings the face of the cabinets lower than the profile of the lights, making the lights seemingly disappear.

Light Rail

The light rail actually serves a dual purpose. Not only does it cover any under-mounted cabinet lights, it also adds a finishing touch to the upper cabinets, giving them more of a look of furniture rather than just a box with a door hanging on the wall.

Light Rail

If you live in Knoxville, or the surrounding east Tennessee area and would like to learn more about giving your kitchen cabinets that finishing touch only a light rail can give, call us today and we will be glad to give you an estimate.